Three great things to do this Labor Day weekend.

One of my favorite public holidays is here, Labor Day and like many three-day weekends, it can get a little over and underwhelming all at once! Its an extra day to stay in but also an opportunity to go out, with all the options in mind most of us tend to mule over until the weekend is pretty much done, and then we’re back to business as usual. No fun.

Seeing as Labor Day is perhaps the only public holiday that is directly targeted for the working class, it would be an utmost shame to let it go to waste. Here are three great things to do this Labor Day weekend.

Have a bubble bath. Relatively inexpensive and great for those of us who are not too keen on living the safety of the four walls of our homes. Let’s face it, we spend most of our time working outside that sometimes the thought of being out equated to little fun in our mind. And hey, even if you do enjoy spending your time outside, a bubble bath is a great way to start or end an exciting day of outside activities.

Shopping. Shopping is a fun past time for many people and little surprise there. it’s a fun way to spend time catering to your personal desires. The fun thing about Labor Day weekend is it comes with an awesome sale. Whether you’re tucked in bed applying those e-coupons or in the store picking out new lingerie, shopping is a great way to ease stress.

Museums. As “stuffy” and quiet as those places may appear, museums are an awesome way to spend the weekend portion of your Labor Day weekend. It is amazing how many things we love once we aren’t being forced into it for grade points in high school. Visit your local museum, the great thing about them is they are fun to do alone or with someone.

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