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Last time we looked at how lingerie can develop your sex life and now as promised we will investigate what styles of lingerie suits each general body type so you can wow your partner with the perfect fit! Accentuating your assets is a very important part in choosing lingerie that is suited to your body type. The following guide will give you a rough idea of what to look for when you take yourself shopping.

Starting with the classic hourglass figure, with larger breasts and hips and your waist is one of your best assets to show this off. That being said, anything that accentuates your slim waist will ensure that you show off your best assets in the bedroom. A set with a garter belt is perfect for your shape!

For those of us with a smaller chest then braless is the way to go! Try either no bra or a bralette in order to get the most out of your lingerie in regards to your figure.

Pear shaped ladies, narrow shoulders, smaller chest and thick thighs and booty, will need to draw their partners eyes to their bottom, where your assets shine. This could be anything from eye catching panties to garters or anything that takes their gaze straight to your butt or thighs.

A petite figure calls for smaller items of lingerie, with a lot of volume. Make it skimpy but eye catching!

For a busty figure, finding a bra is easy, but trying to fit your narrower bottom half is where the challenge starts. Finding panties or lingerie with a wide waist band or even high waisted will draw attention to your bust rather than your lower half.

A shorter torso means that your legs are much longer in comparison. For this shape, you will be drawing attention away from your top half and concentrating on your lower half. Also, lingerie that works to elongate your tummy area is ideal. This can be achieved through any panties with a low rise bottom.

In the opposite, for a longer torso and shorter legs, high waisted is always your friend! A high waisted bottom and crop top set is the best way to go for your lingerie needs. This will lengthen your legs and shorten your torso, giving the impression of proportion.

For broad shoulders we want to even out our frame by wearing something with a wider skirt. The perfect lingerie would be a flared bottom babydoll, this will give the impression of narrower shoulders as well as wider hips to balance it out!

Having what is known as the ‘dancers’ frame, long, sleek and muscular, you will suit almost anything! You have the chance to experiment with a range of styles and prints in order to find what is best for you. Try lots of different things and work off what looks best and is most comfortable.

So, there you have it. A range of ideas that will hopefully get you started on your lingerie journey and assist you in picking what styles suit your body type to make the most out of your lingerie!

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