Getting It On!

He had no idea what was coming. We always tried kinky stuff in the bedroom, I was no stranger to a spanking or two, but nothing like this. Nothing so well thought out and orchestrated. He would not see this coming, not at all.

It all began a week earlier. Our sex life had kind of taken a turn and I was bored of it to say the least. It was all the same, no matter how much I tried to push him outside of his comfort zone. I got out all the toys. I laid them out meticulously on the bed and awaited his arrival, but alas when he walked in his eyes lit up for a split second and we went back to that vanilla sex that I was trying to avoid. I could not bring myself to broach the subject in conversation so my actions had to speak for me.

I searched online for something, anything that could bring us out of this rut, and that was when I stumbled upon it. In a lingerie site I had never seen before I found the perfect piece to get his blood pumping. To make his mouth water at the sight of me. My hands shook with anticipation as I pressed the purchase button on the bottom of the screen.

It came in no time at all. Two days later and the package was waiting for me on the doorstep. I brought it inside and snuck it past him to our bedroom. There I opened it to find it was exactly as portrayed online. The red silk and lace number with matching garters and belt as well as a kinky pair of crotchless panties filled the box and right at the bottom was the fluffy red handcuffs that came with them.

‘Perfect,’ I though to myself. It would have to be tomorrow as soon as we arrived home from work. I would have little time to prepare while he was in the shower, but that made it even sexier. I was up against the clock as I slid into the delicate bodice, wrapping ribbons and strings around me until it was held tightly in place. It was something he had never seen before and I knew it would do the trick.

On the night, I listened intently to the bathroom next door. I had just dressed myself when the shower turned off and his footsteps approached the door to the bedroom. Lastly, I closed the handcuffs around my wrists and fastened them to the bed frame. I was all his now.

The door opened slowly and I watched for his reaction as his eyes laid upon me. That moment was priceless. His jaw dropped open and he was lost for words. He just walked up to me and kiss me hard and passionately against the mouth. This was what I had been missing. This was the fire that I wanted back in our love life. Who knew that a little lingerie was all we needed?

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