Find The Best Bra For Your Body

Not all bras are created equally, and the same can be said for our breasts. There are certain styles of bras that are flattering to some and ones that we should never wear. The following article will explain how you can shop for your best bra and what you should avoid at those lingerie stores. There is more to choosing a bra than the cup and band size. Make your breasts work for you and treat them right!

For those of us with boobs on the smaller side, with little natural cleavage, then you should look for a bralette or demi cup. These styles of bra will certainly make the most of what you have and keep your breasts looking their best! Avoid push up bras though, as although they seem like the obvious choice, they will not do much for you as they are the wrong shape.

If your breasts are slightly bell-shaped at the bottom with decent support then you can opt for virtually any bra style, just avoid push up bras as this can give some unnatural looking cleavage.

If your breasts sits longer than they are wide, normally associated with smaller breasts, then a plunge bra is for you! This will hep to centre your breasts and lift them up. You may also consider a bra with additional padding on the outside of the cup beneath the armpit. This will have a similar effect.

Shallow breasts, or those with less volume up top, require a bra with little coverage and wide-set straps. Demi bras can provide the reduced coverage you need while the balconette will give you those wider set straps.

Conical boobs are perky with less volume up top and pointed outward. The best bra for this shape would be a padded, plunge bra as the padding will give that volume and natural look you strive for.

With breasts that are set wide apart, a balconette may bring them toward the front, or even try a bralette. A bra with underwire will most likely be uncomfortable for this shape.

For those who have had breast augmentation or those with naturally round, full and supported breasts you can literally go with any bra you want. The world is your oyster.

For longer cleavage and well supported breasts try a plunge bra. They do not require the full coverage and this style will get your breasts front and centre while allowing ample space in between for a more natural cleavage look.

If your breasts are beginning to sag and deflate, never fear! A full coverage bra is just the right style for you. As you age your breasts are able to be moulded into any shape you want and the full coverage bra will give you the best support.

A huge percentage of us girls have uneven breasts so this is an important category! Always shop for the sizing of the larger breast and add padding in order to shape the smaller breast so that it is closer to the other.

So there you have it. A list of all styles and the breasts that they are perfect for. We hope that this helps with your next lingerie shop so that your breasts always look their best!

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