Does Your Lingerie Draw Need An Upgrade?

You don’t want to wearing the same old underwear forever. Every once in a while we need to get out there and treat ourselves to some brand new lingerie, we deserve it ladies! There are several tell tale signs that we look for when deciding when we should throw out the old and bring in the new when it come to our lingerie collection and here is the brief outline of how we should make this judgement.

Firstly can you picture your grandma wearing those? If so, you need to bin those, honey and get some new panties in their place ASAP!

Next on the list, have you resorted to a bikini bottom as panties any time recently? This is a real no no. You should have enough options to last you until wash day and if this is the case then it is time to add some items to your repertoire. Time for a lingerie shop.

If you have lingerie in the draw with the tag still on then get rid of them. Unless they are brand new, anything that you feel is way too complicated to actually wear should not have a place in with your panties. You need to shop for items that are both practical and sexy, not one or the other, especially for those special occasions!

Undies that are old like 5 or so years have to go. Items should be replaced often, not when they wear out completely!

Any underwear you bought from the bargain bin has no place in your lingerie collection. Period.

This should go without saying, but pieces of lingerie that no longer fit should be tossed out ASAP. There is no point having anything in there that you no longer wear, or simply can’t because they are too small or to stretched out!

Anything that is worn out. If it has tears rips or torn seams then toss it, even if its your favourite you will always be able to find a replacement, no matter what style or print it is.

Now on to bras, if it has exposed wire or bent out of shape hooks then it has got to go. It is done, not to mention probably uncomfortable.

Having more “period panties” than “date night panties”, you should do a much needed cull. Period underwear is easily replaced with black panties or even specific period underwear such as Thinx or Modibodi.

If you have nothing that matches then its time to shop! You should have a range of matching underwear to make you feel confident and sexy, no matter what the occasion!

Finally, if all you have in the sexy range is a black g-string then its time to upgrade. You need at least a few pairs of panties that make you feel like a grown woman should. Go for it!

So, there you have it. These are the tell tale signs that you need a lingerie upgrade and what better excuse to go shopping? Have a look and see if this fits for you!

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