Chloe’s Fetish.

Chloe blushed at the sound of a whistle from behind her, she couldn’t make out who it had come from without being forced to make eye contact and she was already nervous as it was. She sighed, how had Chad convinced her to do this?

Dressed in only skimpy lingerie she stood in front of the theatre and paused, could she really go through this? oh. This was all Chads fault! She thought to herself, standing as her feet shook nervously, she wondered when he would be arriving. She was dressed in a lace babydoll lingerie that left little to the imagination and a pair of black booties. Chloe had what most people would describe as huge breast with her cup size a staggering 34E, with a round and nicely shaped butt, that sat atop her firm legs she’d gotten from years playing sports. In short, she was every man’s wet dream.

She paused wondering what was taking him so long. She had met Chad a year ago on a trip and they had hit it off immediately, if she was a wet dream, he was certainly a daydream, easy on the eyes with a great charisma to match it was not long till they started dating. They were a great couple and the sex was amazing. Months into the relationship Chloe had found herself experimenting more with her sexuality, she would buy sexy lingerie and began to wear one-piece lingerie more frequently. A month ago Chad had convinced her to wear a sheer lace teddy lingerie to a costume party his work friends were hosting. It was then she had discovered her exhibition fetish. After hours of being leered at, and visually groped by the men in Chads office they had returned home and fucked for hours, she had experienced what had to be the most explosive orgasm of her life. It had been the only reason why she had agreed to this plan.

Her barely concealed tits threatened to burst through the light material and the length of the dress stopped a few inches above her knee, but her round ass hiked the material up, giving a little peek into her pantie-less look. It was no surprise that men kept pausing to take in the sight of her in a barely covered baby doll.

After a few minutes she realized how wet the whole ordeal was making her, she also ticked by summarized that her boyfriend was taking his precious time in getting to the theatre to lengthen the minutes, she spent outside being ogled by strangers. She huffed and decided she would rather find a seat and wait for him. Besides, seating was assigned, and they had pre-ordered their tickets, all he had to do was make his way to the row.

Mind made up she made her way into the theater and sat at the second to the last chair, next to a middle-aged man. He took in her attire but said nothing. Taking her seat, she waited as the lights went out and the sound of instrumentals signaled the start of the movie.

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