Bra Do’s and Don’t’s

We have all been guilty of a bra fashion faux pas. Whether it is a nip slip or a stray strap, there are so many things we have to think about when choosing the right bra for an outfit, if only the opposite sex knew! But for our own reference, this is a list of some important bra do’s and don’t’s that we should all be aware of!


Wear a convertible bra beneath halter tops in order to hide the straps. A rouge strap is one thing that can make or break an outfit so make sure you take a second look in the mirror to avoid this underwear mishap in public.

A strapless or bandeau bra under a top with teeny spaghetti straps is a must, there is not hiding any straps under there!

For a cut out top with thin straps, pasties or nipple covers are the way to go.

If your top shows off your shoulders then go for a strapless style.

If you are considering wearing a bra as a top, then choose one with a thick band so that it gives extra support and some extra coverage too!

Special bras with bands that hook lower around the waist are perfect for backless dresses.

If your dress has lots of cut outs or sheer material choose stick on bra cups.

For the girls with big busts, choose outfits with thick straps so that you can opt for a full coverage bra with lots of support.

For boatneck dresses and tops, go for a strapless bra, or anything without straps. That way it will stay hidden.

There are so many bra tapes out there that will keep a strapless bra and dresses in place even on the longest night out.

A nude bodysuit is a good investment as it can be worn over most bras and under revealing outfits such as lace.

Wear a dress with a built in bra so that you don’t need to worry about them at all!


No bras under sheer tops, this is a real no no. Try a tank top or camisole instead for a less revealing look.

If your outfit already has a tonne of support there is no need for a bra. Only wear them when its necessary!

A white bra under a black t-shirt can easily be seen, especially for the camera.

A dark bra under a light coloured shirt is a fashion tragedy, so avoid at all costs!

A white bra under a sheer top? Yuck! Always go nude if you can see through.

Now that you have an idea of the most important do’s and don’t’s of bras it is time to put them to the test! If you learned something new then go out and give it a go! There is no outfit that can no be accommodated for so there is no excuse as to why any dress or top must be worn braless or with the bra showing. Try it on your next night out!

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